Welcome to the Dubois Charitable Foundation

The Dubois Charitable foundation is a Not for Profit Organization which provides much needed humanitarian aid in the form of medical equipment, and supplies, as well as clothing, bedding, footwear, and household goods to the people of Cuba.

Between the months of April and November, out of a small warehouse just outside Woodstock, Ontario, with the cooperation of local Governments in areas of the World where the need is greatest, we are able to load shipping containers of donated goods.

Donations in kind, as well as monetary ones, are accepted and welcomed from institutions,
businesses, and individuals across Ontario, and beyond. The Foundation works with foreign Government Ministries at all levels, as well as other NGOs (non-government organizations) located around the World, to expedite delivery and ensure arrival of all aid sent.

The majority of materials is sent directly to institutions (Hospitals, Clinics, Seniors’ Homes, Schools and Orphanages) and to local municipal councils. Visits to different areas of requiring aid are made by Foundation personnel to assess general and specific needs. These trips also serve as opportunities to view locations where materials were previously sent, and to spot check/audit the receipt, condition and utilization of the donated items. We require full access and accountability from all beneficiaries and organizations with which we work. We also send medical equipment and supplies to parts of Africa.

The Foundation is a registered Canadian Charity and is able to provide Tax Receipts for monetary donations.

2015 Container #4

October 17

What kind of mileage does your car get? Think you could make it to Cuba?

On October 17, 2015, we loaded our fourth and final container for this year. The first item loaded was a car!

Medical supplies and equipment are a big part of our shipments. Pictured are birthing tables.

This container is destined for Mayabeque where we have established a very strong working relationship with local authorities.